Dutch Civil Code

(Civil Code of the Netherlands)

Click in the left frame to visit the Books of which the Dutch Civil Code is composed. At this moment a translation of Book 10 is integrated gradually. Book 7A, containing some old provisions that still have to be renwed, has not been translated yet. We hope to provide an English translation of these parts in the near future as well.

The translations offered by DCL are no official translations.

When referring to a statutory provision of the Civil Code, it is common practice to place the number of the Book before the number of the provision (Article) involved, dividing the two numbers by a colon. Article 230 of Book 6 is, for instance, cited as Article 6:230 DCC (Dutch Civil Code) and Article 1576 of Book 7A as Article 7a:1576 DCC.

To the knowledge of DCL, there aren't any other websites where you may find online an English translation of the Civil Code of the Netherlands. But there are several translations offline written down in books.